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A little introduction of me and this blog.

So, today I've started my second blog, but rather than a beauty and fashion one like my other blog, 'Blouse & Brows', a photography blog to share my work, my research, and my inspiration, with anyone that comes along and has a little read.

As for me? I'm a 19 year old student studying an FdA in Photography. As well as fashion and beauty, photography is my other passion; I am interested in highly manipulated and very surreal looking images, of which I love the editing side of things, and I love to photograph fashion shoots & dabble in pet photography. However, I shoot all types of photographs and in many different styles depending on what's currently inspiring me, Until i find what i really want to do in the future.



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My name is Kayley Jones. I'm 19, and a UK Based Photographer. Im into high edited and surreal images, fashion photography & animal photography.